Welcome to ASA

Since becoming an Incorporated Society in March 1999, ASA membership now covers a diverse background of professions interested in the study of antimicrobials, including:

  • clinical microbiologists
  • infectious diseases physicians
  • respiratory and ICU physicians
  • medical and non-medical microbiologists
  • scientists
  • pharmacists
  • veterinarians
  • undergraduate and postgraduate students
  • industry representatives from pharmaceutical and diagnostic/research biomedical companies.

On this site you can access the Society’s Objectives, Constitution and the Committee Members.

The Society’s Membership Subscription Form and details of the Annual Scientific Meeting can be downloaded.

Members of the Society can download current and previous newsletters, as well as abstracts from previous annual scientific meetings, in the Members Area.

Although ASA’s membership is primarily based in Australia and New Zealand, it now extends to Asia, North America, Europe and the United Kingdom.